God is captured by the pure hearts and prayers of devotees, through the magnet of Love, and it is irresistible. There is nothing wrong in praying fervently, and expecting and hoping that He will fulfill our wishes. 

Like a child, we can ask our Mother to give us what we want. Yet, just like the earthly Mother, our Divine Mother will not give us something that is not good for us. No matter how much we ask for something, God doesn't fulfill some of our desires because they are not good for us.

Karma also plays a big role in our lives. Swami reminds us that every action has a consequence, and He is just an observer. He reminds us to always think good, do good, and be good, for we sow what we reap…and it all begins with the ‘thought’. So, we always get what we deserve. Yet, with all this said about karma, there is still “Grace”. Aah, how sweet it is!

“God's grace can destroy the effects of past karma or modify its rigor. Never doubt that. If the law of Karma is so unbreakable, then why recommend sadhana(spiritual discipline), good living and cultivation of virtue? Prarabdha (karma from previous actions) will melt like mist before the Sun if you win the Grace of the Lord! The Grace of the Lord is needed for the dawn of Jnana (wisdom) also.”

Thus, we have:

  • Our efforts
  • God’s grace
  • Trust, Surrender, Accept

We do our part, and hope and pray for the best. His Grace helps us. Ultimately, we have to trust that He will do what’s best for us. And we have to Surrender to His will, and accept the final results.