Sai leadership begins and ends with being Swami's "instrument". To know and truly believe that Sai is the doer and we are only His instruments, is the best way to lead, and to be free of egoistic feelings. So, what is our role? How can we be the best instrument as a Sai Youth Leader?

Swami has talked about many qualities of being a leader. One such quality is:

“One who calls himself a leader should always speak sweetly and lovingly.”

Being a Sai Youth Leader bears an important responsibility. There are many social pressures for youth, but as a leader, one must stay firm and have self-confidence to follow His teachings. After all, a leader cannot preach what one does not practice.

The most important of all is "To Be" (to practice goodness and human values). As leaders, it is natural "To Tell" or "To Do" (telling others what to do and how), but it is our character and leading by example, which is critical and essential for a leader.

Being a Sai Youth Leader is an important role, and it is by His grace to be chosen as one. Youth today need direction and guidance, and it is a great service when a leader who is grounded in Swami's principles can lead by example. We have to focus on ourselves and be ready to be His instruments of love and service.

All have a role to play

During the inaugural Summer Course discourse in 1992, Swami announced,

“I want you to be leaders to protect the world. Leaders like lions, self-reliant, courageous, majestic and just. Lion is the king of animals and I want you to be king among men.”

Swami is always looking for leaders! Are you ready?