As we gear up for the first ever World Youth Festival, we need to focus internally so as to make the most of this amazing divine opportunity. In this spirit, youth are encouraged to participate in the global sadhana or spiritual discipline programme, the “Sadhana of Love”.

Our loving Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, told us that the purpose of the Sai Avatar, the Sathya Sai International Organisation, and our human birth is to help us realise our inherent divinity.

Accordingly, the Sadhana of Love – Love is the Source, Love is the Path, Love is the Goal has been developed for Sathya Sai youth to support the realisation of our true nature as pure love. The Sathya Sai World Youth Festival is a divine opportunity to collectively focus on love, purify our hearts and minds, and be the love that we already are.



The Sadhana of Love is based on Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings and is built around His four progressive steps of Self-confidence, Self-satisfaction, self-sacrifice and Self-realisation.


Within the Sadhana of Love – Choose Your Sadhanas, each step includes Swami’s definition of that step and 18 supporting sadhanas with explanatory quotes from Swami's teachings. Sadhanas are spiritual disciplines or practices that purify and still the mind as well as support us on our journey to Self-realisation.



With love as the focus, you are encouraged to listen to your conscience and choose sadhanas from the Sadhana of Love that you feel will manifest the most love and lead to the realisation that the same divinity dwells in all as love.

  • Choose one sadhana from each of the four steps of Self-confidence, Self-satisfaction, self-sacrifice and Self-realisation. 
  • Read and research what Sathya Sai Baba said about each of your selected sadhanas. Read the quotes from Swami provided with each sadhana, and feel free to investigate links to the original discourses as well as Swami’s teachings more broadly.
  • Practise your selected sadhanas with loving consistency in the period leading to the Sathya Sai World Youth Festival in July 2016 and beyond until you achieve the goal of Self-realisation.
  • Manifest more and more love in your words, actions, thoughts, character and heart. Let your Loving Lord shine through you so that you live in love and become a beacon of His love and light in the world.

Once your selected sadhanas are well established in your daily life, you can make further selections to help expand your love to selflessly embrace all.


In addition to these personal sadhanas, youth groups can choose group-based sadhanas to practise. Youth leaders are encouraged to discuss options with youth, youth advisors, and centre and regional presidents.

Youth may determine their own ways of promoting the understanding and practice of the Sadhana of Love. Youth can identify tools and techniques to implement, monitor and discuss the benefits of practising their sadhanas. Methods proven to be successful for youth in the past include:

  • personal reflection journals
  • self-monitoring
  • buddy or mentoring systems
  • weekly or fortnightly study circles
  • utilising technologies such as Skype conferencing, WhatsApp Messenger and online forums in accordance with SSIO communication and social media guidelines.

The sharing of successful practices and positive outcomes is encouraged.