Dear Musos,
Om Sai Ram!

Have you had an original melody or lyrics that you've been wanting to present to Swami but haven't had the chance? We're looking for YOU and your IDEAS!

The Sathya Sai International Youth Festival 2016 organisers are on the hunt for a theme song for the festival. And not just any old theme song, we want a song that you might hear on the radio anywhere around the world. It could be an entire song or a 3 bar riff or anything in between - it doesn't matter, send it in!

Here are a few guidelines that might help get those creative juices flowing:- -

  • The song (lyrics and melody) needs to be 100% original -
  • The more dynamic the better! Any sort of music is welcome, as long as it's a song that you could see your neighbours grooving along to! Feel free to experiment with genres and styles, as long as there is plenty of ENERGY.

Please bear in mind that once your music is sent in, the organisers may use part or all of your song, may suggest modification of certain things (with your input) and may require singers and/or musicians from elsewhere to record the song if resources are unavailable. Please also ensure that the lyrics must reference (not necessarily directly) the theme of the festival: Love is the Source, Love is the Path, Love is the Goal.

The song will be heard by all of the youth at the festival, and of course Swami, so give it your all!

The ideas box is now open and recordings can be sent to All entries must be received by March 1 2016.

Sai Ram and Happy Composing!
Festival Music Team